About us: Indaguer

The information and its analysis applied to the resolution of problems


We provide global Ad Hoc solutions to conflicts, risks or crisis situations that affect our clients


We apply analytical intelligence to the information obtained


Always aware of the latest forms of fraud commission to design the appropriate tools for detection and control

About us

Our Career

In 1995 a group of private research professionals with extensive experience in this field, we created INDAGUER.

Today we are an entity that operates in the field of private consultancy and research. We are a team of professionals, with the required training and qualification. Our growth has been constant based on the experience contributed by the more than 8,000 investigations carried out to date.

Throughout the part of the law, the best part of the attention of our clients, the best test and the reward. The cross to political merit with white badge.


Our work process


Comprehensive service to make available to our clients the necessary evidence to resolve their conflicts or accurate and truthful information in strategic decision making.


Specialized professionals supported by the best technical means. Continuous training, to always be aware of the latest tools for detecting and controlling fraud

Global Service Area

We have global capacity for action throughout the national territory and different countries of the European Union, with special potential in the Scandinavian countries, Great Britain and Germany


In INDAGUER it is the researchers themselves who execute and lead the investigations, applying analytical techniques and always under the protocols and master action lines defined by the strategic direction of the company.

They value us

The team of professionals who achieve day to day success in the research carried out in INDAGUER has made possible the recognition of different institutions; White cross to the Police Merit granted by the Ministry of the Interior, Honorary mentions awarded by the National Police Corps, ICEA Award for investigation and fraud in claims